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Please help us keep your community nice and clean by placing your VLS trash can outside your door between 5pm - 6:30pm Sunday through Thursday. We start our trash pickup service at 6:30pm. Take your emptied trash can back inside your apartment before 9am the next morning. As a reminder, VLS does not provide door side trash service on Friday and Saturday

steps for valet trash pick up

Step 1. Residents place their trash in a leak-proof container provided by the Trash Valet.

Step 2. Container is placed outside the door at designated hours.

Step 3. Uniformed Trash Valet personnel collect the trash and deposit it in the on-site trash containers.

Trash Collection Guidelines

  • For household trash, use regular 13-gallon trash bags only (plastic or paper grocery bags and oversized trash bags are not appropriate)
  • Tie all trash bags securely (No Loose trash)
  • 2 trash bag limit per night (per apartment unit)
  • Overweight/Oversized items (25+ Ibs.), leaking bags, hazardous waste, and loose trash will not be collected
  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened and broken down before being placed outside your door (5 boxes limit)
  • Do not put loose trash or trash bags inside unbroken down boxes
  • Trash bags are not allowed on the floor. (All trash bags must be inside the trash can, ex: if one bag is inside the trash can the 2nd bag will be placed on top of the 1st bag) Broken glass must be boxed up, taped, and labeled Dog pet waste is not allowed inside trash can
  • Trash can must be kept clean 

trashcan disinfectant cleanin

(No service on the following days):

  • New Years Eve, New Year Day, Easter, Memorial Day,
  • Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, 
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Hazardous Weather

Severe weather conditions will at times suspend trash service for safety reasons. We want our residents and valet staffs to be safe! If service is suspended due to weather, we will resume pick-up on the following scheduled service day.

A $25 fee may be charged to your account for repeat trash violations.

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