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We're VLS, your partner of choice.

Locally owned service provider serving your communities through valet trash, recycling, and junk removal with solid customer service account managers at your fingertips. Our goals are to maximize your Net Operating income, increase retention and continue the beautification of your property.

Our trash services come through multi-family properties on designated days and pick up trash from outside your resident's doors between designated times five nights per week, allowing residents to eliminate runs to the property's dumpster. Residents then simply bring their empty trash cans back inside after the collection time while taking advantage of the valet convenience. While valet trash service is a growing apartment amenity, it is already very popular throughout the southern United States and something many properties are benefiting from.


Not every property is the same, ask us about our program offerings and that best solution that fits your property's needs.


Generate additional revenue per year by billing residents for amenities like valet trash that measures the property's ability to generate a positive cash flow from operations.


Over 20 years of combined experience in customer service and sales management, by always putting the client first and driving retention and revenue for your property.


24/7 availability of account manager in order to manage property expectations preemptively through ongoing communication. This ensures we are in sync, and can be quick and proactive.